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Health Financing

Colombia: Approaching Universal Coverage,” Health Affairs, 29, no.4 (2010): 739-740.


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Life And Death And Who’s Going To Pay,” Health Affairs, 25, no.6 (2006): 1664-1667.


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Life And Death And Who's Going To Pay


In the ER, Unhealthy Premium on Insurance Data,” National Public Radio, August 21, 2008.
(See related article published by Health Affairs.)


Results-based Financing Papers and Video


(1) “Financial and Other Rewards for Good Performance or Results: A Guided Tour of Concepts and Terms and a Glossary (Revised March 2011),” World Bank, May 2011.


(2) “Rewards for Good Performance or Results: A Short Glossary,” World Bank, March 2011.




“Results-Based Financing for Health (RBF),” World Bank Panel Discussion on Glossary, Washington, D.C., September 14, 2010.


Author and presenter: Philip Musgrove, Health Affairs


Chair: Juan Pablo Uribe, World Bank


Panelists: Benjamin Loevinsohn, World Bank; Amanda Glassman, Inter-American Development Bank; Yogita Mumssen, Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid


Videos of the Panel Discussion: Introductions, Phil Musgrove, Panelists and Philip Musgrove Q&A


Philip Musgrove’s RBF Glossary Presentation


RBF Q&A Session with Philip Musgrove

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